Handling the Straight Army Ration and Baking Bread a Practical Manual for Army Cooks Mess Stewards and Post Bakers in Field or in Garrison and on the March
The History of the Indian Mutiny Giving a Detailed Account of the Sepoy Insurrection in India And a Concise History of the Great Military Events Which Have Tended to Consolidate British Empire in Hindostan
William an Englishman
The Experience and Spiritual Letters of Mrs Hester Ann Rogers With a Sermon Preached on the Occasion of Her Death by the REV Thomas Coke Also an Appendix Written by Her Husband
Modern Spiritualism A History and a Criticism Volume 1
Brief Sketches of the North Carolina State Troops in the War Between the States Sketches Include First Second Third Fourth Sixth Seventh Eleventh Twelfth Thirteenth Fourteenth Nineteenth Twentieth Twenty-Eighth Twenty-Ninth Thirtieth
English Apprenticeship Child Labour A History
The Novels of Ivan Turgenev A Sportsmans Sketches
Breretons of Cheshire 1100 to 1904 A D
Book of the Varian Family with Some Speculation as to Their Origin
The Picards or Pychards of Stradewy Now Tretower Castle and Scethrog Brecknockshire [C]
Riding Gear of the North American Indians Volume 17 Parts 1-4
From Ibsens Workshop Notes Scenarios and Drafts of the Modern Plays
The Journal of Captain William Pote Jr During His Captivity in the French and Indian War from May 1745 to August 1747
A Study in Folk-Lore Psychical Research
Religio Medici
The Induction Motor Its Theory and Design Set Forth by a Practical Method of Calculation
Stair-Building in Its Various Forms And the New One Plane Method of Hand-Railing as Applied to Drawing Facemoulds Unfolding the Centre Line of Wreaths Thereby Obtaining Exact Lengths of Balusters and Also Unfolding Side Moulds Numerous Designs
Wood Carving
From Broom to Heather A Summer in a German Castle
State Trials of Mary Queen of Scots Sir Walter Raleigh and Captain William Kidd Condensed and Copied from the State Trials of Francis Hargrave Esq London 1776 and of T B Howell London 1816 with Explanatory Notes
Sermons on the Way of Salvation
The Work of Jesus Christ as an Advocate Clearly Explained and Largely Improved for the Benefit of All Believers
French Ways and Their Meaning
French Idioms and Proverbs A Companion to Deshumberts Dictionary of Difficulties
Semitic Inscriptions
The Art of the Pianist Technic and Poetry in Piano Playing for Teacher and Student
Our Slaughter-House System A Plea for Reform
From Cloister to Camp Being Reminiscences of a Priest in France 1915-1918
Benners Prophecies of Future Ups and Downs in Prices What Years to Make Money on Pig-Iron Hogs Corn and Provisions with Forecast for 1904
History of the Big Spring Presbyterian Church Newville Pa 1737-1898
Lehrbuch Der Pyrotechnik
English Country Houses Sixty-One Views and Plans of Recently Erected Mansions Private Residences Parsonage-Houses Farm-Houses Lodges and Cottage With a Practical Treatise on House-Building
Judy or the London Serio-Comic Journal Volume 20
Farmers Union and Federation Advocate and Guide One Hundred Reasons Why Farmers Should Unionize to Adopt the Minimum Price System for All Farm Products Especially Wheat to Be Based on Skilled Union Wages and Overhead Expenses Enforced by
My Memoirs Volume 1
Life of John Paul Jones
Mechanical Drawing A Practical Manual of Self-Instruction in the Art of Drafting Lettering and Reproducing Plans and Working Drawings with Abundant Exercises and Plates
Notable Workers in Humble Life
Eastland Disaster Relief American Red Cross 1915-1918 After the Capsizing of the Steamer Eastland in the Chicago River July 24 1915 to Completion of Relief Work Final Report Eastland Disaster Relief Committee Chicago Chapter American Red
History of the Infantry Battalion State Fencibles of Philadelphia Pennsylvania And the Gate City Guard of Atlanta Ga and Its Peaceful Invasion of the North 1879 an Account of the Infantry Battalion State Fencibles Detailed as an Escort to the
Mexican Memories The Record of a Slight Sojourn Below the Yellow Rio Grande
Engineers at Work
Between Heathenism and Christianity Being a Translation of Senecas de Providentia and Plutarchs de Sera Numinis Vindicta Together with Notes Additional Extracts from These Writers and Two Essays on Graeco-Roman Life in the First Century After
History of the Hubbell Family Containing Genealogical Records of the Ancestors and Descendents of Richard Hubbell from AD 1086 to AD 1915
Larry Gilbert

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